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By Steve Mariani

What is your time really worth?
Based on our experience working with hundreds of brokers throughout the country we’ve uncovered some very interesting information that may help you increase profits moving forward. What we’ve found after all the conversations we’ve conducted on this topic is that most brokers are spending 30% to 40% of their time (on a single deal) securing the financing or assisting the buyer in securing the financing. We were extremely surprised as the feedback began coming in. Most brokers we spoke with had an average deal size of between 250M and 1.2MM and found more concerns an...

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Capacity - qualifications & capacity to borrow

Capital - must have down payment to invest

Collateral - assets to guarantee the loan


Character - must show integrity


The Top Ten Misconceptions about SBA Loans

10. It takes 9 to 10 months to get a loan through the SBA

9. Because the SBA guarantees this loan, the lender doesn’t care if it’s a good deal

8. The SBA application is over 100 pages

7. You must have a house to qualify and collateral

6. You must have a detailed business plan

5. No bank will do this loan – I already asked

4. SBA loans cannot be used toward leasehold improvements or goodwill

3. Friends told me that SBA would finance 100% and I won’t need a down payment

2. My credit score shouldn’t matter because this loan will be insured by the government

1. You must be declined by 3 banks in order to apply for an SBA...

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We are specialists in SBA financing. Under the current economy and based on the favorable terms offered, SBA is clearly the best option to obtain business financing. We are not the direct lender but we work with some of the leading financial institutions. We know which offices aggressively are dedicated to committing to SBA loans. Unlike many in the industry, we do not charge any upfront commissions for our expertise and work on your application. We will help you:

Professionally package the loan application: Whether it is to prepare the application, request sufficient documentation, preparing sales projections or the write-up of...

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Seeing that Apple’s easily accessible, shopper-hospitable programs, the vision is created, the smartphone ownership has under no circumstances been a great deal of pleasant. But also the problem with Apple company is they are really a shut down golf club. Each of those an Apple hobbyist boy (or gal) are doing or you may not. However, Android mobile phone with Search engines like google altered that. Wise Cell phone Programs with longer deemed the special part of the level is currently Apple company. Also, with the growth of Glass windows 7 phone, sensible telephone program economy is expanding instantly.

Presently, those people obtain cellphones subsequent to comprehending either they a...

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